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As we're trying to give you the best service possible, we have tried to think of everything! But as no two situations are the same, we do realise that we haven't got it all covered. If you're wondering about anything connected with any one of our courses, send us an email and we'll do our best to help you. The most frequent questions we've reproduced here, so before you write, take a look at the questions on this page, to see if your question has already been answered.

Is it more expensive booking through than booking directly from the language schools you represent?

No, the prices are exactly the same, whether you book through us or directly through the schools. In fact, we will from time to another be able to offer prices that are LOWER than if you'd booked directly through the schools, as we have the opportunity to pass on price-reductions that we obtain by obtaining larger student quantities.

How have you chosen the schools you represent?

We're currently working with five language schools, and from these schools we've chosen the best locations based on popularity, personal knowledge of the schools in questions (many of us have been students with these schools), and schools in good locations around the world that have been recommended to us by people we know and trust. In the situations where we've had more than one school in one location, we've chosen the one we think is the best one, as we're always trying to give maximum quality to our clients.

Do you do group discounts?

Some of the schools do group discounts and others don't, this depends on what location you'd like to go to and what language you'd like to study. Generally, the group discounts are for groups of 15 persons or more. But if you are a big group that would like to go on a language course, write to us, and we'll work out a deal for you.

What happens if I book a course through you and then can't go? Can I get my money back?

This depends on how much time remains before you were supposed to go. In most cases the answer is yes, at least up to a certain percentage. Again, the rules for this vary from school to school, and our policy is to advice our clients of their options should they need to cancel their course once they've decided where they want to go and for how long. Alternatively, there is a cancelling-fee (insurance) that you can take out with most of our schools for the price of around €50, that will allow you to cancel all the way up to when you were supposed to arrive, and get your money back.

If I go on a course, and then decide to stay longer once there, is this something I can do?

Yes, in most cases this is no problem. However, as some of our schools are very popular and therefore fully booked long time in advance, in rare cases, we will be unable to prolong your stay as there will be no apartments or residences free. A good idea is therefore to book in advance your whole stay, especially if it coincides with the "high season" for the particular place you want to go. Outside of the high-season there is usually no problem with prolonging your stay, though you may find that you will have to change your accommodation to another flat or family if your decision to stay longer is at short notice. There is also usually a small penalty fee for prolonging the stay once there, depending on what school you're in.

What should I bring in terms of studying material and what do I get from the school?

The school will provide textbooks and all exercises used in class. Writing material like notebooks and pens you will have to bring yourself, as well as dictionaries and any kind of "grammar guides".

I'd like to stay with a host family, but am new to the language. How will I communicate with them?

Depending on where you go, the host families will speak other languages, like for instance English or French. However, many of the families do not speak any other language than their own, and as such this might be a bit hard for beginners. We do however have many students that choose this option, and it's amazing how quickly they learn the basics and how to communicate and use the language they're studying. For the more experienced speakers the host family option is a great choice, as you get the added benefit of communicating with native speakers on a daily basis. The host families are used to students that are learning and that make mistakes, and are usually happy to help you improve your communication skills.

If I choose an accommodation and then decide to change it once there, can I do this?

Yes, for as long as we have an alternative available, you are welcome to change your accommodation if you're not happy with what you've got. There will usually be a price penalty if you change to a more expensive option and we cannot always give you your money back should you change to a cheaper option, but we will always help you change to something you like better.

What do I do if I feel I am in the wrong class once I've started my course?

Well, that's easy: talk to the director, the student co-ordinator or anyone of the teachers in the school where you are. All students apart from absolute beginners are asked to take an entry test to measure their level of knowledge of the language, which normally ensures you end up in the right class from the start. Should it happen however that you feel you've been put in a class that's a level too high or maybe too low, simply talk to us. We'll listen to your reasons and together we'll find an alternative that you're happy with.

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