Cambridge College

Study English in a prestigious British college

The academic center belongs to one of the most prestigious colleges in Cambridge, where over 4,000 British students between 15 and 18, 1000 international students and adult students do vocational training courses.

It is not a private school, but a department of a public school offers English courses at much lower prices than market prices, ensuring high standards of teaching and courses.

This school has excellent academic facilities, and also offers all the unbeatable advantages to international students to study alongside natives of the same age and with access to the same facility or activity programme. Sharing leisure, social and sports facilities, they will have many chances to meet, socialize and have fun.

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School Facilities

Facilities at the school include:

  • Over 700 computers
  • Social department which is responsible for the activities and tours on weekends.
  • Sports facilities
  • All students are entitled to assistance and advice for anything needed. Tutors are available to help and support ensuring their welfare at all times.
  • It features premium sports facilities, includes a squash court, gym, climbing wall, multipurpose room and dance hall. The facility is open to all students.


  • Internet doesn´t have  Internet
  • Library doesn´t have  Library
  • Computer room doesn´t have  Computer room
  • Cafe doesn´t have  Cafe
  • Tea or coffee machine doesn´t have  Tea or coffee machine
  • Garden doesn´t have  Garden
  • Wifi doesn´t have  Wifi
  • Student lounge doesn´t have  Student lounge
  • Prayer room doesn´t have  Prayer room
  • Kitchenette doesn´t have  Kitchenette
  • Support deparment for the students doesn´t have  Support deparment for the students

Course English in Cambridge CollegeCourse English in Cambridge CollegeCourse English in Cambridge CollegeCourse English in Cambridge College


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Study English in Cambridge

Less than an hour from London, this famous city of 800 years old combines the quiet beauty of the university with a vibrant center offering a variety of shops, pubs and first class restaurants.

Here, history breathes in every corner and there are always charming places to discover; its fame is due in large part to the university that bears the same name.

But Cambridge is not just a University; it has many gems of English architecture. The all Saints Church is one of the best preserved examples of Gothic architecture in the country and the Cambridge University Press Bookshop is the oldest bookstore in England (books sold since 1581).

It is also a city full of amazing parks and green areas for relaxing, sightseeing and relaxation. It has a rich artistic offering including countless theatre performances, concerts and exhibitions.

Useful Information:

Moving around the city - public transport

Although Cambridge is a very large city, you will not have problems with moving around. If you want to visit the city, the easiest and most convenient way is to rent a bike.

The bicycle is used mostly by the inhabitants: one in four Cambridge residents use bicycles as a means of transport in this college town of narrow streets that impede movement by car or bus.

There are a number of bike rental shops in the city center.

More info on

The approximate price of bike rental is

£6 per day
£16 per week
£25 for two weeks
£30 for three weeks
£35 for a whole month.

BUS: Stagecoach bus company offers excellent access to all parts of Cambridge.
You can buy a pass carrying several daily, weekly and monthly rates.

Things to Do in Cambridge
  • Take a walk around the famous "colleges" of Cambridge
  • Enjoy the many parks - have a picnic, play football, watch a game of cricket
  • In summer, enjoy the Shakespeare festival outdoors
  • Visit the nearby town of Ely, medieval and majestic, one of the smallest cities in England
  • Join the lively nightlife of international students
  • Follow the course of the River Cam on foot or by bicycle
  • Get the train and enjoy a day out in London
  • Contemplate horse racing's most famous racecourse in England, in the nearby town of Newmarket
  • Visit the Fitzwilliam Museum, recognized as one of the best small museums in the world
The University of Cambridge

Cambridge is known for being one of the most important university cities in the world and its many colleges are visited by thousands of tourists every year.

Among them we must include the illustrious King's College (the chapel is the largest and most spectacular of all the colleges of Cambridge), Great St. Mary's Church (from the top of the tower you can see great views of Cambridge and colleges university) and Corpus Christi (contains the best preserved medieval court of Cambridge and the famous Grasshopper Clock.


Local tourism website
University website
Cambridge Guide
Map of Cambridge

Course English in Cambridge CollegeCourse English in Cambridge CollegeCourse English in Cambridge CollegeCourse English in Cambridge College

Preparation courses for Cambridge exams (16-18 years old)

Long duration courses from 16 to 31 weeks. 

The course is subsidised, but is FREE (only pay for teaching material and accommodation).

The programme starts on the 5th October and finishes on 24th June 2016 (31 weeks). There are start dates every Monday from 5th October to 8th February (in this case, the duration of the course will be 16 weeks).

The timetable of the class is in the morning from 09:30 to 13:00 or in the afternoon from 13:15 to 16:30 + two hours of free class twice a week in the afternoons, taught by teachers practicing under the CELTA programme (an official certificate for English teachers). Free classes in the afternoons are Mondays and Fridays from 14:00 to 16:00 or Tuesdays and Thursdays from 18:00 to 20:00. 


  • To have finished high school
  • To have a good record 
  • Minimum grade in Maths: 6/10
  • To have a reference letter (from a teacher or an education institution)


  • Course duration from 16 to 31 weeks
  • Lecciones per Week  20
  • Duration of Classes  45 Minutes
  • Timetables morning or afternoon
  • Level test  Yes
  • Accredited Diploma  Yes
  • Level  A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.
  • Maximum students per class in summer  15
  • Average during the rest of year  15
  • Minimum age  16

Preparation for Cambridge exams (+19 years old)

This course is a long duration course for the preparation of Cambridge exams. The exam is carried out in the same school as the course.

Dates of the course: 

  • 16th November - 24th June 2016 (26 weeks). Starting dates every Monday until 8 Februrary 2016 (from 16 to 26 weeks)

The timetable of the class is mornings from 09:30 to 13:00 or in the afternoon 13:15 to 16:30


  • Course duration from 16 to 26 weeks
  • Lecciones per Week  20
  • Duration of Classes  45 Minutes
  • Timetables Morning or afternoon
  • Level test  Yes
  • Accredited Diploma  Yes
  • Level  A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.
  • Maximum students per class in summer  10
  • Average during the rest of year  10
  • Minimum age  19

Extra-curricular Activities

Extra-curricular Activities 

A part of the Academy team are responsible for ensuring the well-being of students and to organise sports and recreational activities in the evenings or weekends. In addition, all students in the school receive a card valid for discounts on public transport, cinema, shopping, etc student. 

In the afternoon, activities and sports competitions in the school premises and visits to sites of historical or cultural interest are organised. 

In the evenings after dinner, students will stay with their families welcomed to practice English and enjoy a warm and relaxed atmosphere.

Cambridge CollegeCambridge CollegeCambridge College



Accommodation with host family allows total immersion in a different culture. Most families live within 3 km of the school. 

Sharing meals with the hosts every day, you wil benefit from speaking English in relaxed, natural situations. Families are carefully selected to provide a homely, safe and welcoming environment. Living in a homestay allows you to practice English in a real environment. 
Students are entitled to breakfast and dinner daily in the family home, and also lunch at the weekends.

Room Type: single bedroom

School distance: Sometimes the students can walk, sometimes they have to use public transport


  • Internet doesn´t have  Internet
  • Private bathroom doesn´t have  Private bathroom
  • Laundry facilities it has Laundry facilities
  • Cleaning service doesn´t have  Cleaning service
  • Wifi doesn´t have  Wifi
  • Kitchen it has Kitchen
  • Kithchen Utensils it has Kithchen Utensils
  • Security service doesn´t have  Security service
  • Bed-linen it has Bed-linen
  • Towels it has Towels
  • Breakfast it has Breakfast
  • Half Board it has Half Board
  • Full Board doesn´t have  Full Board

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