Edinburgh (13 - 17 years old)

The school in Edinburgh

The school is located in the area of Leith near the port, and 30 minutes away from the city centre by public transport. It is a very welcoming neighbourhood, used to receiving international students.

The facilities can be found in a beautiful victorian style building with beautiful views of the park. The school has eight modern classrooms fully equipped, a garden, a common room, computer room and Wifi, a leisure area and a projection room, where our students will be with other students from all around the world, creating an intercultural environment. 

The city of Edinburgh

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, is one of the most special cities in Europe. A city full of charm, beautiful cobbled streets which staged the most incredible stories, precious building and gardens, free entry museums and friendly people that continues to make all the visitors fall in love with the city. 

Although it has always had a more old-fashioned image than the other Scottish cities such as Glasgow, Edinburgh is however an exciting capital full of art, culture, history and beauty. 

Course English in Edinburgh (13 - 17 years old)Course English in Edinburgh (13 - 17 years old)Course English in Edinburgh (13 - 17 years old)Course English in Edinburgh (13 - 17 years old)Course English in Edinburgh (13 - 17 years old)Course English in Edinburgh (13 - 17 years old)


The school is accredited by:

Quality english



Don´t worry - Edinburgh with accommodation with a family, everything included.

The course has 20 weekly English classes from Monday to Friday, alternating between mornings (9:15 to 12:45) and afternoons (13:30 - 17:00) with a half an hour break. The students are placed according to their level.

All of the teachers have many years of teaching experiencing, without forgetting their qualifications which allows them to carry out their teaching knowing how to motivate the students. 

Dates of the programme for 2016:

2 weeks 3 weeks

28/06 - 11/07

29/07 - 11/08

28/06 - 18/07

29/07 - 18/08


Additional information

The students are accompanied at all times with one of our bilingual monitors, who have a mobile phone 24/7 so that all of the students in Edinburgh can speak to their parents in Spain, if necessary. All of the departures and arrivals will be from the Adolfo Suarez Barajas Airport in Madrid.


  • Course duration 2, 3 weeks
  • Lecciones per Week  20
  • Duration of Classes  45 Minutes
  • Timetables alternating timetable mornings (9:15 to 12:45) and afternoons (13:30 to 17:00)
  • Level test  Yes
  • Accredited Diploma  Yes
  • Level  A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.
  • Maximum students per class in summer  12
  • Average during the rest of year  10
  • Minimum age  13-17

Extra-curricular Activities


Family (from 13 to 17 years old)

All of the families are chosen carefully. Some students will walk to the school and others will need to get the bus to get to the school.

In the Scottish family, it is full board and shared bedroom, with only one Spanish person per house. 

Lunch, due to the activities, will be prepared by the family - packed lunch - or will take place in the school (from Monday to Friday). 

Family (from 13 to 17 years old)

Availability: from 28/06 to 18/08/2016

Room Type: shared

School distance: a short walk, others will need to take the bus


  • Internet doesn´t have  Internet
  • Private bathroom doesn´t have  Private bathroom
  • Laundry facilities doesn´t have  Laundry facilities
  • Cleaning service doesn´t have  Cleaning service
  • Wifi doesn´t have  Wifi
  • Kitchen doesn´t have  Kitchen
  • Kithchen Utensils doesn´t have  Kithchen Utensils
  • Security service doesn´t have  Security service
  • Bed-linen it has Bed-linen
  • Towels doesn´t have  Towels
  • Breakfast doesn´t have  Breakfast
  • Half Board doesn´t have  Half Board
  • Full Board it has Full Board

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