Professional internships in Bournemouth

Professional internships in Bournemouth

The internship course is full time for adults, it is designed to cover areas such as: listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar. The course is designed to give students work experience, and the opportunity to improve their language skills in a professional environment. In this work environment, you will develop useful skills for your working life, like teamwork, carrying out tasks, making decisions, organisation skills, communication skills, confidence etc. 

This course drives the TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication). The students choose between 1 and 8 weeks of the English course in our Escuela de Bournemouth Centro, followed by 4 to 12 weeks work experience. 

The students should carry out tasks at home or outside the teaching hours, and complete a pack of auto-study as part of the course. The courses will provide all necessary materials.

The students can also attend free support classes weekly, where they will receive tips on grammar, tasks, etc. 

Requirements of the candidates

  • Should be older than 18 years old
  • Have a minimum of intermediate level of English


Required documentation

  • Complete the registration sheet
  • Photocopy of passport
  • A photo
  • A cover letter in English 


Information about the internships 

The position should allow you to develop the theory you have learnt. Your progress will be supervised by a responsible personal from where you are working.

Normally we will have the details of the place of work before the student arrives in Bournemouth. In case we don´t, we will give these details while the student is carrying out the preparation course. The students can ask for a specific area to carry out their internship, and we will do everything we can to get you work according to your request. We can give you ideas when you request your place if you want to get a place in a specified area or not. 

  • Professional fields: The internships will be in businessed related with the students field of interest and will take place in small and medium-sized businesses. Marketing, Computers, Tourism, Sports clubs, hotels, language schools...
  • Location: The internships can take place in businesses anywhere in Bournemouth.
  • Salary: The jobs are unpaid. Some businesses, however, offer a small amount of pocket money or free lunch.
  • Duration of the internships: From 4 to 12 weeks 
  • Start dates: throughout the year


Included in the programme: 

  • Prior telephone interview
  • Position in a company in Bournemouth 
  • Specialised course in the language for the place of work
  • 20 lessons per week 
  • Maximum 16 students per class
  • Support and monitoring by our collaborating agency in Bournemouth throughout the programme.
  • Accreditation of the course (TOEIC certificate)


English course with professional internships 

1 week English course (20 lessons) with professional internships 
  5 weeks 13 weeks
Family / Single / Half board 1521 3064
Family / Double / Half board 1307 2507
Summer residence / Single / without food 1950 4179
1 week course + internship management 500 500

Course English in Professional internships in BournemouthCourse English in Professional internships in Bournemouth

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