Paid work programme in Dublin with English course

Study and work in Dublin

Our work programme offers the opportunity of having paid work experience in Dublin. Working in the country is without a doubt the best way to improve your level of English quickly, getting to know the culture and Irish customs at the same time. 

Students in the EU

English course

The programme combines work experience in a hotel or in another business, with a general English course of a minimum 4 weeks. The 20 lesson course per week serves to help the students to improve their level of English, working on the 4 main language skills, widening their grammatical knowledge, vocabulary and reinforcing speaking and communicating in an effective and fluent way. 

The classes can be in the morning or afternoon, from 9:00 to 12:15 or from 13:45 to 17:00.

The paid work

The paid work experience allows you to speak English every day, in a completely English speaking working context. Through daily practice within an Irish business, you will be able to test the language skills that you acquired in the English classes, and gain valuable work experience abroad.

  • Improve you English communication skills
  • Carry out valuable work experience abroad
  • Gain new professional and language skills
  • Secure your financial independence during your stay in Ireland 
Requirements for the candidates
  • To be older than 18 years old
  • Have an intermediate (B2) or higher level of English (the level of English will be evaluated through a Skype interview)
  • Have a CV and cover letter in English
Working conditions 

The minimum wage in Ireland is 9,15€ per hour 

The majority of the work is related to hotels, services or customer care.

An intermediate high level of English is required (B2) to have the guarantee of finding work straight away. The level of the participants will be evaluated through a Skype interview. On this occasion, we will establish if your level of English is enough to be successful in a work interview or if it is advisable to reserve more than 4 weeks of the course before starting the work experience. 

Students from countries outside the EU

For students that come from outside the EU, we offer the opportunity to combine the English course of 20 lessons per week with part-time work experience of 20 hours per week whilst doing the course, and increasing the timetable to 40 hours per week only during the summer holidays (from May to August) or the Christmas holidays (mid December to mid January).

The English course should be 6 months: 25 weeks 


All non-EU students will have to do the IELTS exam at the end of the programme. This exam will give international recognition of the level of English, useful for any other academic or work experience in an English speaking country.

Doing the exam is required to comply with the established requirements for the student visa.

Conditions for the student visa 
  • The students should be attending 85% of the classes
  • They should register and do the IELTS exam at the end of the programme
  • The student visa has a duration of 8 months: 6 months studying (25 weeks) and 2 months holiday 
  • The students wil be able to work full time only during the Christmas and summer holidays (from May to August and mid December to mid January). The rest of the time, they will be able to work a maximum of 20 hours per week. Extending the timetable to 40 hours per week is only possible once the English course has finished. 


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