English course in India with the possibility of a voluntary programme

English course in India, in the FFLV school, with the possibility of carrying out a volunteer programme

LANGUAGE4YOU in the INTERNATIONAL work area, offers you the possibility of carrying out an English course in India with the possibility of carrying out a volunteer programme. 

This programme was created at the initiative of Adi Vickers, who, visiting India as a tourist, fell in love with this country. After a second visit to India, in the city of Vrindavan, visiting schools, craft workshops, a hospital, a soup kitchen, a garden with organic vegetables... all done by locals, was warned that they still needed help to progress and education of a higher quality. Thus he devised an English learning programme at a local school whilst at the same time, offering students the possibility of doing useful and necessary things there, working as volunteers. 

Benefits of this programme:

  • Adds value to your CV
  • Improves your level of English
  • Gives you the opportunity to put skills and abilities into practice in difficult situations in a poverty environment
  • Improves your contact network, which will help you in the future
  • Increases self confidence and independence
  • Feeling of being useful in the society 
  • Improves perception of life and reality


Objectives of the programme in India 

  • Improve your spoken and written English, within a working environment 
  • Obtain professional experience 
  • Improve your future working perspectives
  • Overcome the fear of speaking in another language 
  • Personal growth



Vrindavan can be found 15km North of the city of Mathura (considered the place of birth of Krishna, one of the most important and worshipped deities in India), being both banks of the sacred Yamuna river.

There are numerous Ashrams in Vrindavan that are used as schools. In any corner of the city, you can see pilgrims praying or particiating in the numerous festivals that are celebrated in the city, in which scenes from Krishna´s live are recreated on Earth. 

The students will be working in an environment amongst native English speakers and other volunteers from different countries, giving them the opportunity to improve their language skills to a high level, both personally and professionally. 


Duration of the programme 

The duration is 4 weeks, although after completing the programme, there is the option of continuing longer with the volunteer work, having an additional month of free accommodation. 



  • To be older than 18 years old
  • B1 level of English
  • High motivation to work



4 week English course in a school in Vrin-Davan, India. After the 4 week course, you have the option of staying in Vrindavan to do additional volunteer work. 

Who is the programme directed at?

There are many different reasons for doing this programme: for travel purposes, others because they have spent years working in another area and want to try something new or because they are unemployed and are looking for something different to improve their skills. However, others see it as a springboard for other future endeavors. 


The programme takes place in Vrindavan (approximately 150km South of Delhi). Our course starts on Monday 1st February and finished on Friday 26th February 2016.


Price: 799€ 

Included in the price
  • Registration and materials 
  • Tour the day after arrival: Sunday 31st January
  • Pick up at Indira Gandhi International Delhi airport on Saturday afternoon (30th January)
  • 4 week language course (160 hour: 20 hours of theory classes per week in the mornings, as well as 20 hours of volunteer work in the afternoons)
  • 4 week free accommodation (shared) during the course
  • Accommodation of another free month for those who choose to stay longer as volunteers in SandipaniMuniSchool. 
  • Full day trip to Agra via Mathura
  • Support available from our team


Not included in the price
  • Flights
  • Food (You can eat in the dining rooms at the school and at the hospital)
  • Travel insurance



Through bank transfer or Paypal. You will need to pay 100 euro deposit on reservation and the rest (699€) should be paid later, six weeks before the beginning of the course. 


English course

  • 40 hours per week (20 hours of theory class, plus 20 hours volunteering)
  • Timetable: from 9:00 to 17:00, Monday to Friday
  • At the end of the course you will get a certificate of completion



  • A CV and English cover letter
  • A photo
  • It is very important to have oral and written English skills
  • The people that want to participate in the course should complete an applicationn form and have a Skype interview.
  • Submission of documentation at least 6 weeks before starting the programme. 


Course English in English course in India with the possibility of a voluntary programmeCourse English in English course in India with the possibility of a voluntary programmeCourse English in English course in India with the possibility of a voluntary programmeCourse English in English course in India with the possibility of a voluntary programmeCourse English in English course in India with the possibility of a voluntary programme

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